Sharjah Children Parliament

Is a council for children's dialogue and discussion of ministers and decision-makers in the United Arab Emirates. The Council consists of a group of male and female members aged 8-11 who are elected from the children of Sharjah and its affiliated regions.

The candidate's membership will continue for two years. The Council aims to train children in the language of meaningful dialogue and to express their wishes and needs in accordance with the principles and principles of Shura, as well as to form the core nucleus of the State Parliamentary Councils.

Candidates MUST:
The candidate must be a citizen of the UAE or children of a UAE woman
The candidate must be within the age range of (8) years and (11) years
The candidate must be affiliated with one of Sharjah Children's Centers
The candidate should be characterized by high morals and leadership
The candidate should have effective communication skills with others
The candidate should be a good speaker and have the ability to talk and discuss
The candidate should be fluent in Arabic language
The candidate should pass the interview successfully

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